Surfer the Bar, Jacksonville Beach

It’s becoming quite a friendship. We love spending time together and as we get to know each other better, it feels like we’ve known each other a lifetime. The fun and laugher – the easy like Sunday morning that keeps us excited for the next time we get to be together. Sounding like the story of BFF’s? Well – it’s what is happening between South Jax Beach yoga studio, Big Fish Power Yoga and Jacksonville Beach Surfer the Bar in the heart of Jax Beach.

Just a little over a month ago, Big Fish joined up with Surfer the Bar to offer free Sunday morning yoga classes – known as Sunday at Surfer. Some come for the free yoga class. Some come for the post yoga mimosa overlooking the ocean. Either way, we know one thing is happening – community. And it’s fun.

A long time ago, (before the internet – some of you will remember this) we relied on our local markets and stores to provide us with what we need. We were customers who had a small area we would support. And we trusted the seller. It was Mr. Jones at his hardware store. And Mrs. Smith at the bakery. And Billy at the pool supply store. And John at the auto supply shop. We established relationships with those who offered a service. And it was these people we were supporting as they were supporting us.

Flash forward to a new age where we can get anything we want delivered to our door from the click of a button the night before. There’s nothing personal about who we receive the goods from and if we don’t like it, we throw it in a box and it is received by someone on the other end who may or may not care about why the product is being returned.

While there’s a lot of greatness that comes from Amazon, Zappo’s, Costco¬†and everything in between, (and don’t get us wrong here; we love online shopping, duh??) the partnership between Surfer the Bar and Big Fish Power Yoga is about one thing: bringing a sense of greatness back to being personal. This is community. Coming together. Getting to know what we have right here. Giving. Getting. Supporting. Impacting. And ultimately growing a community that can thrive by waking up to all the greatness right here.

Meet us for the best free yoga class you’ll ever experience in the best ocean breeze you’ll ever feel – and stay afterwards for the best mimosa and breakfast burrito. And get personal. We’ve got such a great community right here.


Sundays at Surfer with Big Fish Power Yoga

10am-11am FREE yoga

Register online to reserve your spot:

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