2018: What matters most.

I’m packing for home.

I’ve just spent twelve days with my family and closest Seattle friends in London for Christmas and New Year’s. It sounds like a dream, I realize. And it was just that – dreamy. I’ve traveled a lot – and I don’t think I have ever had a more amazing time in my entire life. I love travel. I love great food. I love champagne. I love walking and looking. I love striking up conversation with someone new. I love my family. I love close friends. I love adventure. I love new cultures and beautiful design. I love the Queen.

This trip was all of this. And although it’s time to come home to palm trees, pets, and familiar streets, I am refreshed in a way that only comes when Spirit experiences and immerses into adventure.

The amazing thing is, I created this. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my mat, choice and life’s experiences, it’s that I am a product of my own doing. I said ‘I want the fairytale.’  Now, my fairytale might be quite different than the world’s definition. My fairytale started only because I realized I was not choosing my life. I was doing my life. I think the wake-up call started about ten years ago….and the microphone got even louder about five years ago. Although I started taking steps a decade ago, I had to experience complete misalignment before realizing I could create the fairytale I want. 

Is everything perfect? Well – that, too, is open for discussion. It actually is perfect. The fact that the plumber was in our rental on Christmas Eve and that we couldn’t find our son in Windsor Castle, and that my best friend got sick mid-trip, and that my daughter got a stye in her eye – it is all perfect. The kindness of others shown through. The calm and strength and generosity filled the cracks. And laughter magnified because we were able to be for each other and not just for our own fairytale.

This is the year. This is always the year. I am clear of one thing: we each can live the fairytale. But we have to get clear on what matters most. And this is very personal. But from this very personal clarity, alignment is what you’ll step into. And when alignment is your compass and your anchor, everything is perfect. You are creating it.

I believe in this so much that I would love for you to join me in my FREE workshop, 2018: What Matters Most – Vision and Goal Setting Celebration. We will spend time moving through very simple, but powerful content so you leave with clarity for creating your 2018.

FREE workshop, 2018: What Matters Most – Vision + Goal Setting Celebration
Mary Lyn Jenkins leads on January 17 from 7:30 – 9pm at Big Fish Power Yoga Beach studio (space is limited to the first 30 participants. Please register online at bigfishpoweryoga.com)


    1. Digging, planting and growing is an amazing process, isn’t it? Let’s create 2018 great by aligning to what matters most. That’s where and when our most powerful selves shine out! xo – big fish

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