Big Fish 30 : Thirty Days to awaken Whole, Healthy, BIG Life

I’m not one to diet. In fact, I quiver a little bit when I hear the word. And yet – I think I’m like most people out there. I go on a diet – or as I more lovingly disguise the word with ‘watch what I’m eating’ – when I start feeling like my pants get snug or I’ve not been taking care of myself through the fuel I’m putting into my body.

I grew up on a farm in Alabama. My parents always had a garden full of beans winding up poles, sprawling squash plants with yellow blossoms, and tomato plants that produced over half of my diet most summers. Juicy, sliced, fresh from-the-garden tomatoes with salt and pepper. That’s all they needed. As an adult, I spend as much time as I can on my family’s farm now that I’m back in the South and within a day’s drive of the property. My Mom will cook summer dinners where every single item on the plate is from the garden she planted and nurtured. And there’s rarely a season when there’s not something in her kitchen that came from the dirt right out her back door.

Things change. Life gets hectic. And somewhere along the way, fast food and quick grabs become normal. Although I’ve always been aware of food as fuel, I stumble. . . and I fall. . . a lot. Maybe it’s my roots (which I am so thankful for) or maybe it’s the practice mixed with age, (which I’m also thankful for) but food has become an increasingly important component to my whole and complete. My body can feel so strong and malleable; and when I’m not eating mindfully, that strength and flexibility feel a bit lethargic.

I was introduced to Whole30 by some of the people I love and trust most – my Team members. Mat Harper was eating one day in the Big Fish Boutique and the conversation started. Katie Caston joined in. They each had committed to Whole30 and shared its cleansing power. I thought – ‘Now, this is something I can do.’ It’s a way of eating mindfully that takes us back to the earth. Plants, meats, fruits, and coffee. (Um. Yes. This was sort of the magic word for me.) Simply put, Whole30 is a way to live with food that detoxes and fuels the body while eliminating all the junk that we’ve grown addicted to – sugar when we’re sad, alcohol so we can be happy, additives because we just need something quick.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my chocolate chip cookies, a great glass of wine and Cheese Nips straight from the box. But what I know is that after mindfully being in choice around what I’m putting in for 30 days and reading labels to recognize just how much sugar and sneaky additives are in 90% of things on the grocery aisles, I have shifted my relationship with food. And I can feel the difference. Now, after several Whole30 commitments and living into my choices with food when not on Whole30, I know it’s for real. I’m a Whole30 success story.

I want you to join me in elevating whole body health this spring. We’ve got an amazing program and although I can’t do it for you, we can do it together. If you haven’t run away yet, keep reading. I promise, it’s worth every minute of thirty days. Big Fish 30, here we come –

Mary Lyn

How this will work: 

You – commit to 30 consecutive days. Our first meeting together is as follows:

  • Beach studio: April 3rd at 7:15pm (Tuesday nights)
  • Nocatee studio: April 5th at 7pm (Thursday nights)

We will meet for 75 minutes on our meeting nights.

You – commit to begin the day after our first meeting. Renew your commitment every day to ‘try this’ as a game until we celebrate our commitment and completion 30 days from our start.

You – meet with our group of Big Fish 30 game players every Tuesday night at Beach and Thursday night at Nocatee for 30 days, practice 5-6 times weekly, work with your manual and its daily reading, journaling and inquiry questions. Respond to emails and correspondence throughout the program, and be a good sport. Here’s the schedule so you’ll know it now:


BEACH Schedule: (7:15 pm – 8:30 pm)

  • Meeting 1: April 3
  • Meeting 2: April 10
  • Meeting 3: April 17
  • Meeting 4: April 24
  • Meeting 5: May 1
  • Program completion: May 3
  • Meeting 6: Potluck Celebration; Friday, May 4

NOCATEE Schedule: (7pm – 8:15pm)

  • Meeting 1: April 5
  • Meeting 2: April 12
  • Meeting 3: April 19
  • Meeting 4: April 26
  • Meeting 5: May 3
  • Program completion: May 5
  • Meeting 6: Potluck Celebration; Sunday, May 6

*Our meetings will be for each other – to share, connect, and support. We will talk. And we will listen. These meetings are why you will succeed.

How will I be supported?

We’re glad you asked. Meeting 1, you’ll receive an amazing manual FULL of support. You’ll need it to move through your 30 day Big Fish 30 Program. Included in the Big Fish 30 Manual: daily reading and questions that will support you in your meditation, asana, inquiry and eating throughout the program and for anytime thereafter. It will be full of favorite quick, healthy recipes, and local spots that are great supporters of healthy eating. It will be yours to keep.

What else will I need?

You’ll want to have a copy of one or both of these great resources:

  • The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom
  • The Whole30 Day by Day: Your Daily Guide to Whole30 Success

Investment: $99

Promise: A life-changing experience and tools to move boldly and powerfully – whole and complete- into the remainder of 2018.






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