Lucky Number Seven – Happy Birthday, Big Fish.

Some of you don’t know what we’ve been through. Sounds pretty gloom and doom for the opening of a birthday blog, doesn’t it? Well – step into our world:

• We receive upset phone calls when the heat’s too high.
• We receive upset phone calls when the heat’s too low.
• We get threatening emails when we advance our research.
• We get threatening emails when we are doing too much of the same thing.
• We get threatened to be reviewed negatively on Yelp, Google, and the likes.
• We make people angry when we have policy.
• We make people angry when we should have more policy.
• We upset folks when we don’t make exceptions.
• We upset folks when we make exceptions.

Seven years of business definitely creates the space for differing opinions. However, the grace that we cling to is that we’ve never claimed to get it all right – and yet we operate at the highest level we possibly can in hopes of getting it right. What we do know is that the list of what we receive that fuels us powerfully far outweighs the list of what could weigh us down:

• We get feedback that we are the best yoga educators in town.
• We hear stories of healing every day.
• We inspire our community to live bolder and more healthful lives.
• We love our jobs.
• We get hugs daily and we laugh until we cry.
• We hear ‘thank you’ more than ‘screw you.’
• We stopped sweating the small stuff a long time ago.
• We work like crazy to do good.
• We’ve never worked a day since we started working at Big Fish.
• We practice what we preach and know how to let go when we mess up.
• We love moving forward.
• We create things that never existed before.
• We are quick to forgive and committed to action.
• We love those who may not love us.

We live into our core values and our mission every single day because we know what we are doing matters and it is making a difference in the world.

One thing for certain – we are clear what leaders are up to. They don’t make everyone happy. They stand for something big, and a lot of times, people will disagree. What we know with this business is that we will mess up. We will fail. And we will succeed. In fact, we promise to disrupt business as usual. We simply want to stand for something big. Change. Growth. Expansion. Work. And a lasting legacy that matters.

To acknowledge our seventh birthday, we honor you. Those of you who have challenged us, loved us, threatened us, pushed us. Every bit of it has sharpened us to become the Team and the studios that we are today. Keep making us great. And we commit to keep doing the same for you.

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