Develop The Leader In You with Mary Lyn Jenkins

A 15-hour virtual Leadership Course that will change your life!

Think it’s possible to change your life on a weekend? This course is your first step to restore choice and claim leadership for your life.

Mary Lyn Jenkins, Founder of Big Fish Power Yoga, Director of Trainings, ERYT 500, Certified Baptiste Influencer, best selling author and facilitator of the weekend Leadership Course, creates a container for deep learning, connection and transformation. In its 10th year, this course has been developed through Mary Lyn’s 25 years of studentship and commitment to lead and create leaders. Participants of the course have acknowledged this investment of time as the greatest pivot in their life. Whether taught virtually or in person, the results are the same. Transformative, deeply connecting, and life-changing. Read what people are saying about the course:

The Details


  • Saturday, October 3: 11:30-6 p.m. EST
  • Sunday, October 4: 11:30-6 p.m. EST 


No prior yoga teaching, experience, or prerequisite required. Only a commitment to the scheduled time above and a desire to learn, contribute and lead. Virtual manuals are distributed on night one of the course, and we ask that you have previously downloaded Zoom and tested audio and video prior to our start time. 


*For RYT-200 participants, you will receive 15 hours CEU. All graduates of the course receive a 15-hour completion certificate. 


Email Mary Lyn directly with any questions you have about the course: [email protected]

What Our Graduates Have To Say

 "I am free, it is hard to describe but I feel so incredibly free now. The fear of failure and the opinions of others no longer have power over me. I did not realize before the leadership course that I had this deep feeling of being unwanted and unloved but wow, it was there and hidden deep within me. I interpreted daily life through that, so the recognition that I had this in me, that I created these stories and they were not truth changed me. Letting them go has changed EVERYTHING on every level of life. This perspective shift and change in how I think and process things has certainly impacted my leadership in such an incredible way. I have made big decisions since the course, some that changed the direction of an entire organization for the better and I had the confidence to do so because I stopped letting fear and my untruths control me."  
- Dr. Teri DeLucca, Big Fish Student and Leadership Course Graduate
"Studying with Mary Lyn is always an amazing experience. She is genuinely attuned to each of her students, guiding them to their own conclusions and self discoveries. One of the biggest shifts I experienced with her guidance had to do with my point of view. Specifically, what stories had I created for myself that I was continuing to carry, thus preventing me from experiencing my true authentic self. Mary Lyn helped me recognize the need to shift my point of view from what is concept/imaginary to what is fact/real. This seemingly simple shift created such clarity and space." 
- Kim Repper, Big Fish Student and Leadership Course Graduate
"The course allowed me to not just think and reflect but empowered me to take steps towards achieving the personal and business goals I set in my life. My personal relationships also immediately improved. The changes occurred immediately even during the course. Every day I still struggle with falling back into believing my lies. But that has not stopped me from still taking actionable steps, and I continue to reap the benefits of taking the course."
- Dr. Dan O'Leary, Big Fish Student and Leadership Course Graduate