Everybody needs Intro Series at Big Fish Power Yoga

We realize the obvious question here – ‘Why do I need Intro Series at Big Fish?’ We have some answers for that:

Our studios are committed to create strong, educated, health-y students. The eight-class Introductory Series to Power Yoga is the first step. Led by a Team of educators who have studied the content thousands of hours and constantly transition it to make what they deliver better each series, our Intro Series is approachable, intelligent, comprehensive, and fun.

Based on Iyengar Yoga, we focus on building a strong foundation. From expanding a strong relationship and understanding of the bones and muscles of your feet, powerful poses can emerge. Physical alignment is our focus. What is alignment, you ask?

Well – How you define it depends on the context. There may be a specific definition and keep asking yourself again and again depending on the context. Alignment is a sustainable relationship of parts. How does something work? Overtime? A way of working where we are centered within the joints and not stressing or causing degeneration. We can look at alignment by looking at mobility and stability – part of a whole. We can’t only inhale. We aren’t only moving. We aren’t only still. Alignment is working a stability + mobility balance. We want there to be a harmony – an integration of the whole. And this is what you begin to learn through our Intro Series.

You’ll practice for four consecutive weeks, twice weekly, building on your learning and new physical insight class after class. By night eight, your body will have transformed, your muscles will have new strength, and your tissue will experience greater flexibility. Form and posture (and maybe even alignment!) will be found! And best of all – you will have created new, strong, healthy relationships to incredible people…and experience this great new relationship to yourself.

Here are all the details: (While we recommend the entire series of eight classes – the best $100 bucks you’ll ever spend – to gain all the benefits of our Intro Series, we also invite anyone wanting to drop-in and learn just for the night to c’mon! Each class is $12 for our Members or $17 for future Members. Here’s what we’ll be serving.)

Night 1  Foundation – Stepping into the practice – this is where it starts!

You will learn the 5 Pillars, True North Alignment and start right at the beginning learning the first two series within the Journey Into Power Sequence-  Integration and Awakening  We will workshop each pose and modify the more difficult poses.  Poses: Child’s pose, Mountain pose,  halfway lift, high plank (knees dropped), low plank, low cobra, downward facing dog, Chair pose Warrior I and II. 

Night 2  Vigor, Rigor, GO: Twists + Heat!  

In this class you will learn the Vitality series where you’ll build heat, raise your heart rate up and learn to twist through your spine. These are dynamic poses that bring your heart rate up and get the energy flowing more vigorously.  Twisting the torso is one of the most powerful actions that you can do to transform the health of your internal organs, glands, circulatory system, muscles and connective tissue. Poses: Crescent Lunge (modified), Side plank (modified), Extended side angle, Chair twist with a block, gorilla pose

Night 3  Balancing Act – Equanimity Series. 

You don’t need to “have good balance” to do these poses.  We are all born with a natural sense of balance. The tools you’ll learn to create ease in balancing are focus, foundation and breath.  These poses tone your lower body, they balance the left and right sides of your brain and stabilize your equilibrium.  Poses:  Eagle (modified), standing leg raise (modified), airplane, dancer, tree (modified)

Night 4  Get Grounded.

You’ll learn the Grounding Series- a series of poses that increase strength in your legs, hips and back, which gives you a sense of overall balance, body confidence and courage. Poses: Triangle, Side Facing Wide legged forward fold, pyramid, twisting triangle with block

Night 5   Hearts on Fire – WHY your body needs backbends

You’re only as young as your spine, these poses will help you to reverse the aging process with a strong, supple, limber spine through the Igniting series! Poses: Igniting – locust, 1/2 floor bow, bridge, upward facing dog, supta badha Konasa, happy baby

Night 6  Burn Baby Burn!- Solid Core Strength

Building core muscles through the Stability series gives you a deeper seat of power.  It is an inner strength that stabilizes every move you make.  Strong abdominal muscles take unnecessary pressure off your lower back and you use your core in every pose! Poses: Bicycle Twists, 30/60/90, Scissor kicks, Boat Pose

Night 7  Let it go: Pelvis + Hips + Hamstrings

Our hips are the mother of our mobility and also house a good portion of our tension and stress.  As you start to release and open the tissues in your pelvis through the Opening and Release series, you provide an opportunity for the rest of the body to shift into alignment. Poses: modified Reclining 1/2 pigeon, seated single leg forward fold, seated double leg forward fold, reverse table top, fish, and waterfall.

Night 8   Celebrate & Meditate

This class is about triumph and celebration!  We practice for a full class, doing every pose we have learned in Intro 1 and then complete with a new practice: meditation. A guided meditation is introduced by learning to build the seat for meditation, creating comfort in the joints and spine and learning to chose being still and present – a real gift to yourself!

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