I love Big Fish.

I love Big Fish. I think about classes, upcoming programs, the team and how we can play, grow and create together. I think about our beaches and what is missing and how we can make positive change, implement service more powerfully and move innovative business forward. I love big fish because it’s the space that causes action. And this is where I’ve learned how to act.

I love Big Fish. It’s not just an old shoe store. Those of you who have been at the beach awhile will remember – this shopping center was a dying place not so many years ago. There was a Food Lion in the far back corner and before we were Big Fish, this was where people kept shoes on their feet. I don’t remember many lights on around us when we first opened. Now, the parking lot is hustling and vibrant with people walking up and waving as they pass by.

I love Big Fish. Things have changed in powerful ways. When my husband and I moved to the beach ten years ago from Seattle, all we wanted was a Trader Joe’s. Well – in comes Joe. Now, there’s Native Sun, Lucky’s Market, a growing Farmer’s Market, more variety in restaurants, beer, boutiques, non-profits and a spirit of moving ideas into action.

I love Big Fish. I love that we were a dying shoe store. Now, we have some of the happiest bare feet I know. When it gets right down to it, of all that I love about Big Fish, this is what stirs me most. It’s the people. It’s the relationships. It’s what stirs me and teaches me every day. It’s through others that I get to see myself and it’s because of you, I have learned what love really is. I love Big Fish because it’s been the space that causes yoga – not just on our mats. I experience YOU practicing patience, perseverance, and love.

I love Big Fish. In the end, we have the work we leave, the words we said and the relationships we’ve created. And this is what stirs me every day.

2018 is on the fast-approaching horizon. Take a step to join an opportunity for deeper connection. We can’t wait to hug each of you into a very powerful New Year. It is a year for action – and Love. Happy Holidays and here’s to creating the most amazing year ever.

-Mary Lyn and the Amazing Big Fish Team

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