Power Flow

Why Power Flow? When we say flow, we mean one yoga pose leads into the next. When we say power, we mean you will work from your body’s physicality and awaken muscles, surrounding tissue, and spark a power that is unlike any movement method you’ve experienced. Our Power Flow aligns the body to positions of readiness. These classes are taught through traditional Power Vinyasa Yoga postures with natural curves and spring as our Alignment source for creating form. With an increased emphasis on the spine, mobility, and moving away from stagnant poses, our Power Flow classes offer dynamic movement, create sweat, and leave you invigorated and awake. Our ongoing research and learning continues to keep our Power Flow classes evolving with one foundational cause: movement is medicine.

These Sixty, 75, and 90 minute classes are for all levels of practitioners;  these classes offer a challenge while offering opportunities to incorporate modifications or advanced variations in a warm room. Every class allows you to work at your own pace.

Warm room. All Levels. Advanced variations.