The Power of Habits

The alarm goes off after a rocky night of sleep, hop in the shower, put on your freshly pressed clothes, brew that essential cup of coffee, and hit the road for another day at the office. It feels never-ending, right? The wheels just keep on turning, and it’s hard to catch a break. While the wheel is spinning, you need to have an outlet to keep your sanity intact.

When you’re in your 20s and early 30s, life is all about the grind. Impressing new bosses, building your “dream” career, and meeting impossible deadlines, just thinking about all the responsibilities could get your blood pressure soaring. We are learning so much about ourselves in these formidable years. The significance of finding yourself in your practice cannot be overlooked, even when finding the time just seems like another task on your to-do list.

Placing yourself on your mat, breathing, and practicing helps center your mind, which is a skillset that many of us just don’t have or take for granted. One of the best lessons you can learn by practicing yoga is taking a second to stop and truly feel present without worrying about the anxieties that come from the normal day-to-day challenges. When your class begins, you are encouraged to focus on the things you typically forget about during office hours, your breath and foundation. Nothing else should exist. Dropping everything at the door, small or large, begins getting easier after every practice. The focus gained from yoga is not only beneficial in the studio but also on the job in the real world.

Throughout class, every yogi experiences difficulty in new asanas, or poses. It’s the nature of the beast. Like any good instructor will say, “failing and falling is leaving your comfort zone,” which helps you grow as a person overall. This ideology helps in your life too, whether it’s going out on an interview for a new job, meeting new people, or trying a new hobby, you need to able to step into these new experiences to truly enjoy the life we are given.

The habits you pick up early in your career will benefit you in ways that you can’t even comprehend. Big Fish Power Yoga is here to help you develop into a well-rounded young professional and leader in the community. We have classes scheduled throughout the day to help fit your daily practice into your busy schedule. Don’t hesitate to come visit our studio and try out one of our sweaty classes.

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