Vision + Imagination

Einstein said that imagination is even more important than knowledge. If this is true, it’s possible that if we stop operating from all that we already know, our biggest opportunities are ahead.

I’m obsessed right now with vision. Interesting definition – vision is the ability to see : something that you imagine : a picture that you see in your mind. 2016, I put together more ideas, connected to, listened to, and pushed myself into collaborations with as many big thinkers as I possibly could – and it was all with this one thought in mind: imagination is more important than knowledge.
There was a time when knowledge was all I wanted- more training, more knowing, more certificates. And thankfully, I feel such freedom right now to put that in the background, pull from it, and take my next step: live into bigger vision.

2017 is here for living into vision. If our greatest growth lives in the lines of chaos and order, last year was my biggest growth game yet. Action into what I’ve imagined is what lies ahead. And my opinion is that we each have this opportunity. Imagine it and get to work.

Fear always cripples performance -it squelches imagination and kills vision. So the goal then is not a list of ‘to-do’s’ this year, but rather being the watchman for my own fear so my imagination and vision can soar.

How ’bout we stop this year. Stop small talk. Stop granular. And start lifting up to 50,000 feet. Get lofty and expansive. And lift others up here with you. Get in. Really. Have fun and fasten your seat belt. The year is as big as our imagination.

Happy New Year –
Mary Lyn and the Big Fish Team

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