Welcome, December. We’re so glad you are here!

HERE WE GO! The halls are decked and bells are jingling. And I can’t believe I’m saying it – Yes, we are in the season of all things merry and bright.

Wait . . . . . You’re not on board with merry and bright just yet? But doesn’t it come with the holiday season?

Well – actually, no. It doesn’t just come. In fact, I’m no master – (maybe at my chocolate chip cookie recipe) but one thing I know for certain – nothing just happens. Merry and bright are created. Just like the holiday season.

Welcome to choice. I can honestly say I’ve had six months of challenges. One would show up. I would strap on my armor. Face it as best I could. As soon as that one seemed to settle, the next one was on the horizon. The challenges (and you know the ones – raising kids, full schedules, marriage, partnership, a breast cancer scare, sickness, supporting others who are sick, aging parents, finances, and you know what I’m talking about – we’re all the same.) well, the challenges aren’t on accident. They actually present themselves (because that’s simply life occurring!) and we have the choice. Doesn’t mean I don’t feel tired. I do! AND I love that I have the choice to take the challenge, move through with all I’ve got, and create merry and bright along the way. It starts with recognizing I have this choice. The choice becomes my thought. My thought becomes what I concentrate on. And before I know it – the spoken word confirms my choice.

And for those of you who love to think just like me: ‘Well, does that mean you’re inauthentic and just ignoring the challenge?’ Well – no. That, too, would be a choice. And as a result of ignoring, nothing would change. In fact, when ignored, the challenge oftentimes just expands. I have to start at the root – recognizing I have a choice. I have a say in the matter of my life and how I want to create it.

Get big this holiday season. Face the challenges. (Have the conversations to get clear. Invite the unpopular neighbor over. Love one another when it’s easier to think everyone else is weird and you’re better off staying alone.) Get out. Get together.

Choose merry and bright. Create merry and bright. And create the best holiday season ever.

Welcome, December. We’re so glad you’re here!
Mary Lyn and The Big Fish Team

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