Big Fish Power Yoga opened in 2010 with a vision to create a service – driven culture through developing leaders and building community. The medium we use is power vinyasa yoga. We inspire individuals to lean into what matters most to them; we are committed to lead and create leaders. The dedicated Team at Big Fish brings service, professionalism, connection and play to every interaction; and we believe the most important place to do this is right here.

Big Fish Power Yoga is a way of living. Our students leave empowered, inspired and lit up to take on their life – and they inspire others.



“…great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a TEAM of people.”

Big Fish Power Yoga


75 and 60 minute, slow, deep, long holding stretch classes are necessary for deep muscle release and recovery in all areas of the body. You will leave these classes looser and lighter. The class is led in a 78 degree heated room to keep the body warm but not overheated. This class is a powerful space to practice patience, slow movement and deep breathing.

Warm Room, Beginner, All Levels.

60 and 75 minute, slow and modified, these classes offer students a power class experience moving at a deliberately slower pace with the beginner student in mind. Offering our students a modified version of our regular power classes, these are recommended and encouraged for a slower opportunity to move and flow with the same emphasis on building strength and flexibility. Room is heated to 88 degrees.

Heated Room, Beginner, All Levels.

60, 75, 90 minute classes for all levels of practitioners, these classes stay true to a challenging power vinyasa sequence while offering opportunities to incorporate modifications and advanced variations in an 88 degree room. Every class allows you to work at your own pace. When consistent with this practice, expect new overall body strength and confidence.

Heated Room, All Levels.

Incorporating playful play lists, a DJ or even known to have a guest saxophone player, these classes are our end of the week throw down! An hour of happy and fun, this class offers a strong flow that incorporates optional advanced variations with music and play in an 88-degree room. Known to be light-hearted, fast paced, laughter and sweat inducing, it is the perfect end to your workweek. Dancing is optional and recommended!

Heated Room, All Levels.

Practice with Purpose is our commitment to grow possibility and new opportunity throughout the community we love. Our Practice with Purpose classes are consistently every Sunday and oftentimes, sprinkled throughout the schedule. Designed for partnership with non-profit organizations while offering the same great classes at a discounted rate ($5 drop-in), each quarter funds are raised and given to the non-profit organization our Team is supporting. Passionate about an organization and its mission? Let us know and we’ll bring into our voting for a quarterly partnership. Classes are held in an 88 degree room.

Heated Room, All Levels, $5 per person

Practice with Purpose with Kate Amato


We commit to serve community with gratitude. When we do this, it makes what we have more than enough. Service is giving generously whether it feels good or not. It’s not for us. It’s for them – those who can’t do for themselves. Our impact becomes strongest when we connect for a cause greater than ourselves.

Committed to serve through partnership with the following organizations:

  • Big Fish Foundation & Yoga for Youth Project
  • OMs Yoga
  • Daniel House
  • Flip Dog Yoga & Heal Foundation
  • Live for Today
  • Africa Yoga Project
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Beaches Community Kitchen
  • Easy Peasy Children’s Foundation
  • Practice with Purpose – weekly partnership with local charities making big impact

Pricing / Memberships

Pricing is the same for both locations and memberships can be used at both as well.


“The light that shines furthest shines brightest at home.”

  • “I just started yoga at Big Fish and absolutely love it! I had never done yoga before so I didn’t know what to expect during my first class, but I am very pleased with the intensity and enthusiasm the instructors bring to the class. Extremely friendly, relaxing and balanced atmosphere. Great space and location too!”

    -Jessica P
  • “Big Fish is a place you immediately are made to feel as if you are part of a family! It is a community of friends that have a purpose in not only make themselves feel better by practicing yoga – but they have a purpose to make others feel good about themselves too. Win – win!”

    -Debbie S
  • “I would give you 500 stars if I could! Big Fish is one of my favorite parts of visiting my parents in St. Aug. I whole heartedly beg you to open a studio is Tallahassee! I do power yoga 3-4 times per week and this is the best I’ve ever experienced by a long shot. It’s not easy by any means, but I always leave feeling powerful, flexible, and accomplished! To say that I’m obsessed would be an understatement. I totally love you guys; keep keepin’ it real!”

    -Shannon R
  • “It sounds cliche when people talk about the term “community” at a yoga studio, but at Big Fish, it’s the real deal and one of the many reasons I continue going. It’s so great to take your practice to the next level with people all around you who truly care about your personal growth, professional endeavors, and your overall well-being.”

    -Mike B
  • “We loved the grand opening class in Nocatee! So great to have this in the community! Awesome class and great instructors! Welcome to the neighborhood and congrats!”

    -Audrey A


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