About Big Fish Co

The Pandemic and Generosity.

What is this the perfect opportunity for?

How we came to transform is rooted in this question. And the longer we stayed in this question, the bigger the vision grew. 

There’s room in this time to explore and wrestle with the mission and the heart of every for-profit company, particularly yoga. This question tested the values of the leadership and the culture of our ten-year brand. What we’re talking about is the condition of the heart. Not condition of circumstance. 

It’s been through 2020 that we realize yoga is necessary. Instead of paying for unnecessary overhead, we get to stand in generosity and reach anyone and everyone who needs the transformative power of yoga. We embrace vision and forward thinking for expanding the brand that has a solid foundation and caused thousands of people locally to experience yoga from depth, heart, and power. We’re on a mission to give yoga for $17/month to everyone in our lifetime.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

Our Core Values:

Beauty. Abundance. Generosity.

A monthly membership to offer daily, inspirationally themed and transformative classes, expand your physical practice of yoga through our monthly Commit Series, and cause new connections and upgraded relationships and conversations.

You don’t come to Big Fish because you need popular yoga. You come because you want to experience a deep sense of meaning and purpose. You come because you want to transform

If we believe that yoga is what the world needs, we have to get yoga out to the world. If we want everyone in the world to have access to yoga, we have to change the model. 
We’re not trying to save people. We just want to be able to give something to people. This is transforming.

Big Fish Broadcast

Subscribe to unlimited Broadcast classes and pay just $17 / monthly. We want yoga to be accessible to everyone, from anywhere. We offer 10 weekly broadcast classes from our inspiring designed sets, giving you access from where you are in any moment.

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Big Fish Coaching

Work directly with Mary Lyn. 10-year yoga studio owner, Certified Lightyear Leadership Coach, Leadership & Content Development Consultant, Yoga Journal cover model, best-selling author, interior designer, visionary, wife, momma. Transform your team or corporate setting.

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Partners & Gatherings

Our partners share our core values. These are locations that hold live Big Fish classes and equally are shared through Big Fish Broadcast. Should you be a monthly member, you can join any of our partner classes, which are included in your monthly membership. If you want to join our live class at any of these partner locations, drop-in rates are available, and we’d love to see you.

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We lead 200- and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings through our partnership, Lit From Within. All of our favorite Big Fish educators lead upper-level training series, like Intro to Power Yoga, The Leadership Course, Anatomy of Yoga, The Prenatal Series, and Flex your Ability, to name a few. Transform the practice in your life.

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