Jacksonville Yoga Teacher Training

  Summer 2020 Jacksonville 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Participating in the Big Fish Power Yoga Summer Intensive: 200 Hour Program will change your life. Through excavating practices, group processes and self-inquiry, you will transform your life through deep diving into self. You will gain a whole new access in revealing your authenticity and power. This summer intensive is designed specifically to take you out of your norm, away from routine, and into a newly created space of miracles and what’s possible for your life.

Our time will be spent in group discussion and inquiry, practicing, practice teaching and hands-on assisting. Anatomy and posture analysis, along with one-on-one coaching to pull forward practical and powerful skills in your speaking and listening will become embodied and are immediately applicable. You will leave this training ready to teach and lead in every space! The intimate group of teachers and the personal apprenticeship with Mary Lyn and other senior Big Fish Teachers and contributors creates a unique learning experience of not just how to be a powerful yoga teacher, but how to be an authentic and powerful human. You will transform as a result of participating in this training.


Location: Big Fish Power Yoga Beach studio
Tuition: $3200

Weekend 1 -Friday night, May 15 + Saturday and Sunday, May 16, 17

Weekend 2 -Friday night, May 29 + Saturday and Sunday, May 30, 31

Weekend 3 -Friday night, June 12 + Saturday and Sunday, June 13, 14

Weekend 4 -Friday night, June 26 + Saturday and Sunday, June 27, 28

Weekend 5 -Thursday July 16, 17, 18, 19

Weekend 6 -Thursday July 23, 24, 25, 26

Wednesday, July 29 -5-9pm

Weekend 7 Friday night, August 7 + Saturday and Sunday, August 8, 9

Detailed times for each session:

Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 – Friday 5-10pm, Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday 8-6pm

Sessions 5 + 6 -Thursday 9-7pm, Friday 9-7pm, Saturday 9-7pm, 

Sunday 8-6pm

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